Permit Hearing
                                        Regular Quarterly Meeting


The Directors of the Rolling Plains Groundwater Conservation District will meet at the
North Central Texas Municipal Water Authority, 135 N. Munday Ave., Munday, Texas
on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. Permit Hearing The subject to be discussed
or considered or upon which any formal action may be taken is as follows:

1. Call to Order.
2. Public Comments.
3. Receive Permit Hearing Report from General Manager and Consider Granting,        
Denying or Amending Applications for the Following Drilling Permits:
(a) David Albus N33° 27’ 29.9” W099° 50’ 21.8”
(b) Lyman Arthur N33° 26’ 04.0” W099° 41’ 33.4”
(c) Glenn Brzozowski N33° 10’ 20.1” W099° 44’ 29.4”
(d) Mickey Dunnam N33° 18’ 24.9” W099° 49’ 46.1”
(e) Mickey Dunnam N33° 21’ 20.2” W099° 46’ 14.2”
(f) Leland Nauert N33° 01’ 16.7” W099° 56’ 02.4”
(g) Leland Nauert N33° 01’ 17.8” W099° 56’ 11.3”
(h) Leland Nauert N33° 01’ 13.0” W099° 56’ 15.7”
(i) Leland Nauert N33° 02’ 00.0” W099° 55’ 49.0”
(j) Larry Short N33° 18’ 04.6” W099° 54’ 02.2”
(k) Larry Short N33° 18’ 04.6” W099° 54’ 07.2”
(l) Larry Short N33° 19’ 22.6” W099° 48’ 28.7”
(m) Larry Short N33° 19’ 06.5” W099° 48’ 22.8”
(n) Larry Short N33° 19’ 01.6” W099° 48’ 47.2”
(o) Larry Short N33° 19’ 02” W099° 48’ 38.0”
(p) Larry Short N33° 19’ 13.1” W099° 48’ 33.8”
(q) Larry Short N33° 14’ 53.7” W099° 54’ 03.0”
(r) C. H. Underwood N33° 24’ 51.1” W099° 40’ 52.4”
(s) C. H. Underwood N33° 24’ 59.5” W099° 40’ 53.9”
4. Public Comments.
5. Adjourn.
Regular Quarterly Meeting
Discuss, consider, and take action as necessary concerning the following items of
1. Call to Order.
2. Roll Call.
3. Public Comments.
4. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting.
5. Approval of Financial Report & Payment of Current Bills.
6. Report on District Operations.
7. Policies and Procedures for the Operation of the District.
8. Public Comments.
9. Adjourn.
The above agenda schedule represents an estimate of the order for the indicated
items and is subject to
change at anytime.
At any time during the meeting and in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act,
Chapter 551, Government Code, Vernon’s Texas Codes, Annotated, the Rolling
Plains Groundwater Conservation District Board may meet in executive session on
any of the above agenda items for consultation concerning attorney client matters
(§551.071); deliberation regarding real property (§551.072); deliberation regarding
prospective gift (§551.073); personnel matters (§551.074); and deliberation
regarding security devices (§551.076). Any subject discussed in executive session
may be subject to action during an open meeting.
fax copy the above notice of meeting with each County Clerk’s office located within the
District and also posted a copy in the front window of the Rolling Plains GCD office in
a place convenient and readily accessible to the general public all times and that it
will remain so posted continuously for at least 72 hours preceding the scheduled
time of said meeting in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.
Mike McGuire, General Manager
Rolling Plains GCD